• A children's book on miscarriage and the hope of Heaven

    A book about miscarriage and the hope of Heaven

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A book about miscarriage and the hope of Heaven

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The first time I read this book I cried. Leah does an amazing job capturing the sadness of loss, a child's imagination and carefree joy, and the wonderful promise of eternal life in heaven that we have through Christ. Just looking at the incredible pictures leaves me with an even greater hunger for the day that we get to see Jesus face to face. This is a wonderful book for anyone experiencing any kind of loss

- Alane

My husband and I are living through the devastation of losing our full term son as a stillborn. The loss has had an immense impact on our Family. This book has been a blessing in helping our daughter who is 5 years old to understand loss, the peace of heaven, and having a sibling with Jesus. She anticipated her brothers arrival with great joy and this book is helping her (and I) to remember God’s sovereignty in a gentle way. Even though this book is about miscarriage, reading and seeing it through the eyes of a young child’s perspective, is simply just loss whether it is miscarriage or stillbirth. The illustrations are whimsical, and beautiful. The wording is gentle and easy to understand. I appreciate that the book differentiates between Jesus and the angels. This is a special book, I recommend it to anyone experiencing the heartbreak of losing a child. My heart is with you as you are most likely here for a similar reason as ours.

- Kristin

I am amazed that a picture book can so delicately and delightfully approach such a large topic. A must have for your bookshelf, especially true for children that have already experienced a loss.

- Bekah

Simply stated: I love this book. It's not only an excellent resource for helping children process loss, but it also touches the hearts of its adult readers; reminding us there is hope in the midst of great suffering and reminding us of the freedom we can experience when we view our circumstances with a child-like perspective. 

- Stephanie Risinger, Holistic Fertility and Wellness Podcast

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